Top Five Things You Should Consider Before Purchasing Property

1. Work With a Sales Agent You Trust and Feel Comfortable With.

Not all real estate agents are the same. Ensure you work with a company and an individual you have a rapport with and can trust. Ask to see credentials as well as past sales records and if they have any recent testimonials from clients. Contact Darcy Jarman today to discuss all this and more.

2. Ensure Conditions in The Contract of Sale Protect You, The Buyer.

The contract of sale should contain contingencies that protect the rights of the buyer and outline what each party is legally obligated to do if certain situations occur. Specifications such as condition of the property, finance and pending building inspections should all be specified prior to contracts being signed. Darcy Jarman will guide you through this process with their knowledge and experience and call upon their network of industry professionals to ensure you’re in the best position prior to contract signing.

3. Get Familiar With Different Sales Methods.

Are properties in your area of interest usually sold by public auction, private sale, tender or expression of interest? Do you have an auction strategy, finance pre-approval and objective supporters to reign you in, if need be? Do you have the best people negotiating to get you the best deal under a sales process? Darcy Jarman will be your strongest advocate through the entire purchase process.

4. Seek Out Experienced and Trusted Advice.

By now you would have already spoken with a finance broker; it’s also a good idea to speak with your accountant, financial planner and conveyancer or lawyer to ensure you’re in the best position possible, both financially and legally. Darcy Jarman will be able to put you in contact with our trusted network of professionals if you don’t already have advisors of your own.

5. Get Your Finances in Order.

Buy property that you can afford now, not later. Ensure that your finance is secure and insured for worst-case scenarios. Having your finances well in order before you delve into the property search will make the process much smoother and avoid awkward or even costly set backs if finance is left to the last minute.